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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The instructions for this cake were:
  1. A "lacy" looking cake... but not the heavy antique style of lace you get from a mold. 
  2. An elegant look... white lace with an ivory or pink background. 
  3. This is for a birthday so make sure it doesn't look like a wedding cake.
I wanted to come up with something a little different then the usual type of lace cakes you often see. So I looked around to get some ideas and ran across this web site:
On the home page is a cake that's covered with lots of little cutouts. I really liked this technique and thought it gave the cake a pretty lacy look. So I used it as inspiration for the my birthday cake.

I decided that pink fondant would be a better background for showing off the cutouts. I also thought pink would have less of a wedding cake feel. Needing to keep the look a little less formal, I couldn't decide between using a simple flower or a large bow. Flowers are a little more elegant to me, so I went with a "fantasy" flower. It's made from gumpaste and lightly dusted with pink and green powder.

 I won't lie... cutting out all those little fondant pieces was very time consuming, but I'm sooooo happy with the end result! Such a pretty birthday cake!


  1. Beautiful & elegant! What a lucky birthday girl! Love the fantasy flower!


  2. Thanks! She was very happy with the way her cake turned out.

  3. I KNEW IT - i just knew as soon as i saw the title of your latest creation on my home page Judy that the cake was going to be stunning- AND I WAS RIGHT. :)
    Oh it is stunning - so soft, so pretty and i love it.
    Again............ another masterpiece by you :)


  4. Thanks Maxine,
    I haven't been in the "caking world" for a little while... due to some personal issues... but I think I'm back and happy to be playing with sugar again! Great to hear from you. ;)

  5. Hi Judy,

    This cake is so gorgeous. It's exactly the style that I'm trying to do for my wedding cake. Is there a chance you could possibly let me know where you got the little cutters for the fondant?

  6. Hi Jess,

    To cut the shapes I used a variety of paisley and flower cutters that I have in my collection. Then I used Wilton tips #4, #7,and #10 to cut the little round holes and circles. That's what gives it the lacy look.

    Good Luck,


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