Pink & Lace Cake

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I love it when things come together better then expected!!! 

Usually I have a pretty clear picture in my head of how a cake will turn out. Sometimes I'm excited and eager to get started on it... at other times I'm a little worried. I'll have to admit, that I was worried about this one. The cake pictures I had to work with were two completely different types. One cake was modern and minimalistic in it's style; while the other was very frilly, delicate, and more traditional. I just couldn't imagine the two styles combined together into one. But when all was said and done... I was very pleased! Oh Happy Day!!!!!

I placed a pearl border around the top edge of each tier. Then I added another pearl trim above the row of lace points. (Someone else called them lace "scoops"...LOL.) The pearls seemed to pull the two looks together very well.

So, my son had the camera. He likes to take pictures of me while I'm setting up the cakes. Sometimes the looks on my face are... well... not very flattering. You know when you get in "the zone", and you're unaware of everything else around you? Apparently, I pull some strange faces when I concentrate really hard. My face isn't too bad in this picture... so I decided to post it. Maybe one day I'll post the ugly ones too. (Yeah right, maybe when pigs fly. LOL)

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