Note to Self: 12 Rules of Cake Decorating

Monday, September 29, 2014


1. It takes 2-3 days to complete a large sugar dahlia flower. (I already knew this.) 
2. When applying the final row of petals, do not sit on the foot to view flower from above. 
3. Sitting on your foot for an extended period of time may cause paralysis in that extremely. 
4. While standing up, be aware that said foot may be completely asleep. 
5. When trying to use this appendage, remember the foot will be completely numb and ineffective. 
6. Putting weight on it at this time, may cause the foot to suddenly collapse under your body weight. 
7. A rapid decent will ensue causing you extreme embarrassment! 
8. CAUTION: DO NOT, I repeat... DO NOT hold the sugar dahlia while testing this theory.... during your rapid decent, said sugar flower may suddenly fly from your hand landing face down upon the tile floor. 
9. Be very cautious, small broken pieces of the delicate petals will fly in every direction causing extreme anger and frustration. 
10. Be careful which words are allowed out of your mouth at this time! Language may contain a colorful hue. 
11. The next day you may see areas of purple and green coloring located on various parts of your body. There may also be slight pain and stiffness involved. 
12. The best remedy for this situation? Take a deep breath and relax.... it's only sugar. Life goes on, it could be a whole lot worse, and sometimes unexpected events force you to stretch your limits. You may even end up accomplishing things you didn't know you could! 


After all was said and done... I did a little petal repair and was able to salvage my poor broken dahlia. It's not perfect like it was before... but hey, nothing in nature's ever perfect anyway. Right??? I decided it gave my flower a little unexpected "character". And hopefully, I gained a little character along the way as well... ;) 

(Not to mention a pretty good story!) 

1 comment:

  1. That is hilarious!! The flower still looks perfect to me :) Thanks for the super clear tutorials - might even give it a shot myself to do some flowers


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