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Monday, April 18, 2011

Do you have a free hour on Tuesday, April 19th? Cake Fu Masters Training Series is offering another free online webinar for anyone who's interested. Cake Fu (started by Amelia Carbine) is a new series that invites well known professional cake decorators to be their guests. Be aware, however, that the interview is held over the phone. So you don't actually see the guest, but you do listen to the interview. Amelia begins the hour by talking to the guest about their background and training. Then, using a series of slides, the guest decorator teaches us one of their well known skills. The hour ends with the guest answering some questions and giving us one of their favorite recipes.

Cake Fu's past guests have included James Rosselle and Kaysie Lacky. James showed us how to make one of his parrot tulips, and Kasie taught how to sculpt an adorable bunny's head out of modeling chocolate. The webinar's teaching segment is the by far the most informative and best part of the hour. Sometimes Amelia's interviewing skills can be a little odd. She giggles quite often and tends to talk over the guest, but I'll cut her some slack because Amelia's a cake decorator... not a professional journalist.
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 Tuesday's guest decorator will be the amazing Sharon Zambito. If you're interested in this week's webinar, you can read more about Sharon and register here:
Cake Fu will then email you the information you need to participate. The webinar will begin at 10:30 Pacific time.
Cake Fu's webinars are a great idea! Especially for those of us who wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity or $$$ to travel and be taught by these professionals. Taking their classes can cost many hundreds or even $1000 for the classes alone!

I hope you'll be able to participate tomorrow or sometime in the future... I know I'll be there! There's always something new to learn when it comes to cake decorating! So here's your opportunity to be taught by the best in the business!


  1. Ughhhh - and of course i just HAVE to live on the other side of Mother Earth - sighhhh.
    Hope it was wonderful for those of you who got to view :)
    What a wonderful idea Judy... and so lovely of you to let your followers know.

    What a good friend you are.


  2. Maxine,

    You can still sign up! They'll email you a link where you can watch a replay of the entire interview. It takes a little while before the replay is available, but you can still watch it.(Not sure if you'll get the Sharon Zamito interview since you weren't signed up when it was originally broadcast.) But I'd sign up to see the future guests.



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