Bird Cage Cake

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sometimes people ask me where I get ideas for my cakes. My honest answer is... everywhere. I can get inspiration from fabric, paper, drawings, jewelry, pictures, clothing, colors, different techniques, home decorating, crafts, and even the hardware store! The possibilities are endless!!!

This bird cage cake has always been one of my favorites. It was soooo much fun to decorate! I made it for my daughter's 18th birthday. When I asked her what she wanted, she told me she wanted a cake with bird cages as the theme.

Hmmmmm, there are a lot of cakes with birds on them, but bird cages??? I wasn't quite sure what to do, so I went to Google... of course. I typed in "bird cage drawings" and clicked on Google images. Then I began searching. Wham! There it was... right away I found my inspiration! These drawings jumped out at me because #1. they're adorably cute and  #2. I knew she'd love the color combination. (Her bedroom has the same colors.) I usually have to change things quite a bit to meet my needs, but these colors were already perfect... I love it when things are simplified for me!

Here are the drawings I found on Google images.

I love the way this cake combined different techniques... quilling, applique, and harlequin decorating. It was the first time I'd attempted quilling. (The flat ribbons of fondant that are looped and curled.) My quilling was very simple, but there are some gorgeous cakes out there with very intricate quilling patterns. So maybe in the future I'll attempt a more difficult design.

Next time you're fresh out of ideas for cakes... "Google it". You might just like what you find!!!


  1. Judy, you are amazing!!! HOw beautiful is that!! I love it, the colours the way you made the birds/ cage....everything looks awesome :)

  2. OMGoodness - this cake is absolutely stunning Judy - I love every aspect of it.
    Your execution in creating it is second to none.
    TRUELY AMAZING......*faint*

    I am sending this picture to my favourites. lolll


  3. Maxine,
    I've been meaning to upload this and several other pictures to CC, I just haven't gotten around to it yet. Shame on me.... ;)

  4. It will end up on everybodies Favourites - and then on the front cover of their Magazine :)

    Again i say - it is Stunning.


  5. It's gourgeous! You're amazing!

  6. I am so impressed! I love the patterns that you found on google, and the cake is just amazing! I better not show it to my daughter or she will want one too for her birthday! Fortunately she is only turning 12 so I have 6 years to practice!

    I like sugar craft, sometimes I make fondant and marzipan decorations, so I am always looking around for inspiration too!

    I'll follow you :-)


  7. Thanks everyone, and welcome Alessandra!

  8. How did you do that? I love that cake ... awsome job.

    I'll follow you for sure!

  9. I sent a link to this post to my friend whose daughter in law loves birds...absolutely beautiful. Love the colors too.

  10. Welcome to you too Azzura. Thanks for being a follower!

  11. I have added to my top picks. Much obliged to You.


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