Red Red Roses

Saturday, January 29, 2011

I recently made this wedding cake for a dear friend of my daughter. The bride and groom's nickname for each other was "bug". So they asked if I could put two little ladybugs on one of the rose petals as a symbol of them. If you look carefully at the bottom rose, you'll see the ladybugs. My husband was taking pictures while I was cleaning up, and he forgot to take a close up picture of the ladybugs... darn. So I tried to crop and blow up a shot of the them, but the quality isn't too great. Anyway, I thought those cute little bugs were an adorable idea!


This event was held at one of those "high end" restaurants. (I sure wish they'd ironed the linens before putting them on the table. Ugh!) It was kind place we go to maybe.... once every 10 years. The kind of place where you want chew every single bite as slowly as possible... just to savor all the flavors! LOL

As I was putting the cake together, several of the employees came out to see what I was doing. (It makes me a little nervous to have an audience watching my every move. Yikes!)

After I'd finished the cake and was about the leave, the head chef came out. (Double yikes!!) He was wearing the full uniform: tall chef's hat, white pastry jacket, white pants, carrying a white kitchen towel... the whole shabang! He said he'd heard about my cake and wanted to come take a look. (Triple yikes!!!) He asked me a few questions about the cake and was very complimentary to me. (Whew!) He said one day he'd like to take some classes and learn how to make cakes like mine... (Double cheesy grin from me. :D )


  1. Lovely cake! What did you make the roses from? Beautiful job! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Thanks so much! The roses are made from red gumpaste. Then I dusted them with a more vibrant colored red petal dust.

  3. Amazing cake :) you blew the chef away :)))

  4. That is awesome!! You have nothing to worry, your stuff is amazing : )
    I love the roses and the lady bugs are very cute. You deserve a pat on your back : D

  5. What a beautiful job you did with this cake, and those little lady bugs how sweet is that. Good for you, great talent you have!

  6. Simply beautiful! I love seeing your creations and reading your blog. I've nominated you for the Stylish Blogger Award - you can read more about it here:


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