One of "THOSE" Days!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Disclaimer: I wrote something similar to this on facebook a few days ago. (I needed some sympathy from my friends.) So if you're one of my facebook friends, please excuse me for repeating the story.


It was one of those mornings and I was waaaay behind on everything. It seemed like the more I tried to do, the farther I fell behind. Then the doorbell rang... I had just finished coloring my hair (ummm... I mean "conditioning" ;) and was right in the middle of highlighting it. My highlighting solution is blue in color, so there were segments of blue hair sticking out in every... and I mean every direction! Of course, I was still in my robe, and to top it all off... NO face on! (my way of saying no makeup) I looked like re-fried roadkill!

I'd decided not to open the door, then I looked out the window and realized it was the mailman. I had to answer the door because my son was expecting a package from China! UGH! I prayed that it was the mail-lady and not the mail-man. "NOPE......  it's the man!" :(

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"OK" I said to myself, I'll make this as quick as possible with NO eye contact. I sheepishly opened the door. The mailman stopped and gave me a quick double take, then he smiled and handed me a slip of paper to sign. After quickly signing my name, I started to give it back. "Ohhh," he said, "You'll also needed to print your name." (Can I please just get this over with!!!") So I printed my name and handed him the slip of paper. Did I forget to mention that he stared at me the entire time?

He rustled around for a second then found my package. I took it and eagerly began to close the door. "Wait!" he said, "I have the rest of your mail." (Ugh! This is taking waaaay too long!) As he finally began to leave, the mailman had one last comment, he said...  "Of course I come when you look your worst. Hahahaha!" Then he snickered all the way back to his mail truck.

I just want to crawl in a hole and die.....

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  1. Judy, that was actually a compliment! He KNEW you didn't look like that ALL the time! He was actually pretty funny, don't you think! Don't you just love those moments like this -- it makes us so human! Joni

  2. Thanks Joni... I think I must be ULTRA human though.... ;)


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