Christmas Tree Tutorial #3

Monday, December 13, 2010

Here's a tree that anyone can make... it's soooooo easy!

This happy little tree just makes me smile! :)

You'll need a rolling pin, fondant/gumpaste, and a teardrop shaped cutter.

Roll out the fondant and cut lots of  little teardrop shapes. You'll need to cover the cutout pieces with plastic wrap so they don't dry out .

Paint a little water on the tip of each teardrop. Then starting at the bottom, glue the pieces around the base of the tree.

Stagger the teardrops and continue to work your way up.

When you get to the top of the tree, join the tips of the points together.

PRESTO!!!! You're done.... there you have it, another fantastic Christmas tree!


  1. Judy, I amazed by how simple this is...but oh how cute. I haven't made my gingerbread home never know, I might get real ambitious. You are really tempting me. Joni

  2. Bellissimo grazieeee !!! Baci Cake's Sister

  3. Hey Judy hugs and kisses all da way from Glasgow.....Nos 9 tree!!!! Thanks and kudos. God bless. Shalom!!!!


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