Christmas Tree Tutorial #2

Sunday, December 12, 2010

This is one of my favorite ways to make a pine tree. Very fast and simple, plus it's quite realistic looking.

Tutorial #2:

Pretty cool pine tree... huh!

You'll need green fondant shaped into a cone, a stick (you could use other things like a thick skewer, a paint brush handle, etc.), and a pair of small scissors.

Push the stick into the bottom of the cone. This will make much it easier to tilt and turn the cone without smashing it with your fingers.

A trick I learned from Lorraine McKay ( a fabulous sugar artist) is to use scissors that have curved ends. This makes cutting little snips into the fondant much easier.

Start at the top and cut small little snips into the cone. (I'm not really left handed, but trying to take pictures with my left hand was impossible! lol)
As you work your way down the tree, try to stagger the cuts so they don't line up.
It take a little patience, but keep working your way down until you've finished the tree.

Now take your finger an gently brush the edges of the points upward. This really makes it come to life!

There you go... you've successfully finished another tree. Now go add a little snow and a few decoration and you've got an awesome looking Christmas tree!!! No Charlie Brown "stuff " with this one. ;)


  1. Love your different christmas tree tutorials! I think this one is my favorite ;)

  2. All of your trees are amazing, well done!

  3. Thank you so much for your Christmas tree tutorials. I went with tree number two and it turned out great. When i cut the leaves they went all wispy, which made it look very life like.

  4. My cake decorations - tree, with the help of your tutorial

    Not as nice like yours, but good enough for first time.

    Thx for tutorial.


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