Acorn Tutorial

Monday, September 27, 2010

Here's a quick tutorial on making an acorn for all your fall cake decorating:

Here's what the finished acorn will look like. Now lets get started...

You'll need brown and tan colored fondant, plus a small piece of plastic canvas. (The plastic canvas is available at any craft store.)

Roll the tan colored fondant into a smooth ball.

Roll it into a cone shape.

Flatten the top of the cone.

Pinch the bottom end of the cone making a small point,

Roll the large brown fondant piece into a smooth ball.

Flatten the ball slightly under the palm of your hand. This piece will be the acorn's "cap".

Brush a small amount of water on the bottom of the cap piece.

Put the cap on top of the acorn and push it together so it sticks well.

Push the top of the cap into the plastic canvas.

This gives you that grid pattern acorn are known for.

Roll the small brown fondant piece into an elongated cone shape. This is the stem.

Poke a hole in the top of the acorn with the end of a paint brush.

Brush a tiny bit of water into the hole then push in the stem.

There you have it... your finished acorn!


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  2. Cute acorn, a great way to decorate cakes or cupcakes this fall season. Your first picture I actually thought was a real acorn and we were going to get a lesson on acorns or baking them or something along that line.

  3. You do everything so perfectly. :)


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