Cake Central Magazine... again!!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lightening does strike twice after all. Oh happy day! Cake Central published another one of my cakes in their magazine. This time the theme was Chandelier Cakes. "Wow!" I thought, what a great theme. This would be the perfect time to make a very elaborate detailed cake. So I got my thinking cap on and gave it a go.

My first idea was to make a hanging cake... like a real chandelier. Yeah right, how on earth am I going to do that? So the practical person inside me let that silly idea go... but the creative me kept going back to it. With the help of my wonderful husband, (Thank goodness he's more left brained than I am.) we actually figured out how to make the cake hang. It's really quite fun to go to Lowe's & Home Depot and shop for cake decorating supplies. ;)

Working on the flowers. Don't mind that ugly towel hanging in the window. I was trying to block any light coming from behind. Sooo professional!

Gotta love those Granny glasses...

This picture shows the size of my roses. They were huge!
Notice I had to set each layer on top of a can so I
 could attach everything that hung down.

 I loved the detail on the middle tier.

While hanging the bottom tier, I was a nervous wreck. I worried the cake might fall before we could take any pictures. Luckily, it never fell. ;D


Touching up the final details.

I loved the shot from this angle.

A lot of blood sweat and tears that went into this cake... it must have taken a couple years off my life. I'm very happy with the way it turned out! So in the end, I guess a couple of years is worth it.....


  1. Ugh!!! I can't figure out the formatting of blogger! Everything looks perfect when I write a new post, but then I preview it and extra spaces are everywhere. So I go back to edit again ane I can't find a way to fix it! :( Can anyone help?

  2. Yes you can edit your posts! Go to "New Posts" and then sort of in the top left hand corner, you should see a little thing that says "Edit Posts" and you can do it there. :) does that help? Ooooooooooh! This is my favoritest cake!!!!!!!! THis is awesome, you are to!

  3. Thanks Rachel. I'm pretty sure that's what I've been doing. What I see when I edit is not the same as what ends up getting published.
    When I preview it, I and can tell that there's a problem. So I go back and try to get rid of the extra spaces but it ends up erasing pictures instead. :( Thanks for the nice compliments by the way! :D

  4. My chin literally hit the floor when I turned the page and saw your cake. It is truly a work of art and inspires me. Your roses are exquisite! Thank you for sharing! :o)

  5. Awwwwww....(as I start to blush) Thanks Loren. :)

  6. AMAZING!!! There's just no other way to say it.
    (and I love your kitchen--I still haven't made it over to see it, so I'm glad I got a glimpse here)

  7. Amazing with a capital A! You're work is inspiring...I think I might actually try the simple rose. Wish me luck. Oh...I love the kitchen remodel, too.

  8. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you have someone make the stand for you? I have looked at my Home Depot and Lowe's and they don't have anything I can use to hang a cake from.

  9. Hi - blogger has some quirks, as I have the same experiences on my blog, so I just deal....LOVE your work!!!!

    Question! I am starting my daughter out slowly with cake decorating supplies - could you tell me what are your top 3 icing tips? I have randomly purchased her: round 3;star 16,4B; petal 104; leaf 352,366; drop flower 224 and the flower nail. And we have a few baking tools (pans, icing knife, etc).....would value your thoughts! TFS!

  10. I sent an email to Clarissa, but the rest of you who are asking about the stand... I had it specifically made for me by an iron works shop. The did a great job, it was just what I asked for.


  11. Beverly,

    Your daughter has a great start with the icing tips you've already given her. I would maybe add a basket weave tip- 47, a larger round tip- 7 or 10, The grass tip is always fun- 233 (it's also used to make fur or hair), and if she likes to make cupcakes buy tip 1M or 2D. These tips are great for piping the pretty swirls on top.

    Quite often I'll use icing tips as cutters for my gumpaste! So keep that in mind if she decides to move that direction.

    HTH... ~Judy

  12. Amazing! Absolutely amazing. :)

  13. Can you pass on or post the instructions for this Cupcake Stand. My daughter is having a vintage wedding in the mountains and this would be a beautiful added touch to her Vintage Bridal Shower. Thanks.

  14. I had the stand custom made at a metal works shop. So I can't really give any instructions on how they made it. Sorry.

  15. Hi Judy,

    Would you be open to hiring out your stand? I am trying all sorts of searchs but cannot find one like it.



  16. HI! QUICK QUESTION: where did you purchase your hanging cake stand or how did you construct it??? thank you! IT LOOKS BEAUTIFUL

  17. Hi Judy, beautiful cake! Can I ask are the hanging pearls fondant? I'm want to do something similar with isomalt gems ( not a chandelier cake) , thanks Gemma

    1. Yes, the pearls were all hand made, one at a time, from fondant... a very long, very labor intensive project! Since then I've bought a mold and use it to make individual pearls. It's soooooooo much easier now!!!!


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