Monday, November 5, 2012

Monogram & Roses

Monogram + Roses = Simply Elegant! 

Some people think I'm crazy... but I LOVE doing large wedding cakes! Don't get me wrong, large cakes can be much more stressful to make, deliver, and set up. Mainly because soooooo many things can go wrong!!! But I find that the larger size gives me much more of a "canvas" to work on and more space to create and decorate.

When you see a 4 plus tier wedding cake set up at a reception, the larger size really stands out and can become a beautiful focal point for the room.

This was a red velvet cake with white chocolate truffle filling. YUM! As the bride and groom cut into this cake, the bright red color really stood out and looked amazing next to the pale colors of the fondant.

The rose topper and monogram plaque were made several days before the wedding. So when the time cake to put them on the cake, they were completely dry and easily set into place.

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