Waiting on Pins and Needles....

Friday, May 27, 2011

Where have I been all month? Well, lets get right to the "point"....

Do you see that little white line on my x-ray? It's not suppose to be there, and it's definitely not supposed to be inside my foot!!!
It's a needle... or what's left of the needle I kicked that it was hiding in my carpet!

-Painful? ...YES!
-Stupid? ...YES!
-Embarrassing? ...YES!
-Little needle? ...NO! It was one of those 2" long heavy duty darning needles.
-A small piece that broke and lodged in my foot? ...NO! It was about 3/4" long.
-Just under the skin? ...NO! It was next to the bone and probably sticking in the joint.
-Easy little numbing shots? NO! I found out that shots in your foot hurt like #&%*@! (Pardon my language... I am a lady after all!)
-Easy to remove? ...NO? It's not a good thing when the doctor uses words like "very difficult to find", "hiding", "fishing & digging around", or "very deep". After searching for an hour, the first doctor I saw gave up and said she couldn't find it. So I went to a podiatrist the next day, and he finally removed the needle.
-Pain medication? ...YES! Heavy duty ones... I pretty much slept through the first week.
-Crutches? ...YES! But I just graduated to one of those lovely black podiatrist's post-op walking shoes... the chunky ones that come with the stylish Velcro straps! It's probably the most expensive shoe I'll ever own... ;(

I hope these pictures aren't too graphic and make someone feel nauseous! (Not the kind of pictures you'd expect to see on a cake blog!) LOL

I get the stitches out in 5 days, then things should get back to normal around here. I have to thank my wonderful husband for taking such good care of me! I appreciate how he took care of the house, the food, cleaning up, the laundry, paying the bills, and driving our kids to all of their activities. He did all of this in addition to his normal daily job. What a guy!

I hope this is the end of my foot saga, so I can get back to cake decorating. Now it's your turn to wait on "pins and needles" for my next blog entry! And I promise to get right to the "point"!

Coming Up..... my Swiss Meringue Buttercream recipe!


  1. OMG - Are you kidding me?
    Shezzzzz, those darning needles are thick too.

    @*#&%^#@***** WORDS AS YOU DID - LOLLL
    So happy to read that they found the piece and that they were able to finally remove it.
    So sorry to read this happened to you - and may i say your reporting team that went with you and took the snaps did a striling job.
    Great closeups.

    Reminds me of the time i fell on one of our steps leading to the kitchen - hit the corner of my knee right on the right angle of the step - ended up cracking the linning under my knee cap - - yep i am sure those were the same words - its so hard to say anything else as you gasp for air due to the agonising pain ripping through you at the time.

    Do hope you are well and truely walking around very soon Judy - pain free.

    Ohhh, i just got a twinge in my foot - must be the sympathy twinge :)

    Hugs to you petal
    Maxine x

  2. Ahhhh.... Thanks Maxine. :D

    You are too funny! I can't even imagine tearing my knee up like that! Hopefully you don't have any lingering effects after such an injury.

    My husband had his iphone with him and thought the kids would get a kick out of the minute by minute pictorial of my foot drama. He actually took about 30 pictures in all, but I thought I'd spare my followers the agony of looking at each one! LOL

    I never thought something like this would have me out of commission for so long! I must be getting old... I figure, however, if you're going to have a scar, the bottom of your foot is a great place to have it!

    Thanks for cheering me up Maxine!

  3. You poor thing!I am glad the needle is out and you will be well again soon.



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