Christmas Tree Tutorial #9

Monday, December 20, 2010

I think of this tree as my "art deco" Christmas tree. It's stylish in it's own kind of way. (However, shhhhh don't tell anyone... but it also reminds me of a pineapple. LOL) I was in a bit of a hurry when I made this tree, so a few of the indentations are a little off.  If you decide to try it, take your time and make sure your knife point is always perfectly straight up and down.

This is the tree you'll be making this time.

You'll need a fondant cone and a small knife with a pointed end.

Starting at the bottom, push the tip of the knife into the fondant. Stagger each row as you move up the tree.

After each indentation, remove the knife in a downward motion. If you pull the knife straight out, it will leave ragged edges.

My finished pineapp... ummm... I mean my finished Christmas tree. ;)

Only one more tree tutorial left! Stay tuned for the grand finale!

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