I've Been Published!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Who would have ever thought that I'd be published in a national magazine?!?

About 6 weeks ago I received an email from Cake Central saying they'd like to feature one or more of my cakes in their magazine. There was no guarantee, but they'd consider my pictures for publication. I sent them pictures of 4 different cakes but knew it was a long shot to make the cut. I wouldn't find out if I was selected until I received my June magazine. Well low and behold.... two of my cakes were chosen! The quality of the pictures I took weren't quite what I was hoping for, but I simply ran out of time. I had to submit what I had taken in order to meet the midnight deadline.      

Here's the cover of June's magazine. I'm on pages 11 and 19:

Page 11:

Page 19:

It was an honor for me to even be considered, but to have 2 cakes chosen.... I'm floored! (and very happy to say the least) They also invited me to submit pictures for next months issue. I have lots of ideas, but can't do much until my kitchen remodel is finished. Hopefully the contractor will finish up by the end of this week and I can get started. Again there are no guarantees, but it's a great excuse to get my creative cake juices flowing again.


  1. It is so great to see you letting your light shine! Amazing cakes :)

  2. ohmigosh!! congratulations... no wonder the chose you... those two cakes are incredible!



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